ACI Layer 3 External Connectivity: Lesson 2: Demonstration, Part 1



    Lesson 2: Demonstration, Part 1


    Lesson 2: Demonstration, Part 1 In Lesson two, Venkata Naveen Chapa commences his live demonstration of ACI Layer 3 external connectivity by showing us the access policies in the fabric of the APIC interface. Venkata explains the policy groups, interface profile, and global policies for the demonstration. He then demonstrates the gateway connectivity through the VM, and displays the gateway in the bridge domain, and uses the BGP route reflector inside the APIC.


    Venkata then moves into the services, where he identifies an endpoint and gets started with the configuration of L3 Out. Under the external routed networks, he creates the L3 Out and enables the EIGRP functionality in this instance. He then creates the node profile, configures it as a loopback address, and moves into the static route configuration.


    In step 3, Venkata selects and customizes the SVI, and enables the BGP networks. He reviews the current configuration at this point in the process and inspects it to make sure there are no present faults.


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    Lesson 2: Demonstration Part 1

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