VIRL Live Packet Capture (Windows)


    This is script is assist VIRL users when performing Live Packet Captures via VM Maestro or UWM. The script may be started prior initiation of packet capture in the simulation, but a TCP port number in the range of 1025 - 65535 must be manually assigned to the script and in the Create Packet Capture dialog window. The current script version allows for multiple live captures running on unique TCP port numbers.



    It is assumed that the following software is installed in their default location.


    How To Use Script

    Script Name: live_pcap_gui.cmd


    1. Download script to your computer
    2. From the saved location on your local machine, double click the live_pcap_gui.cmd icon.
    3. You will be prompted for:
      • VIRL server IP address
      • Live Packet Capture TCP port

    To start another live capture, just double-click the script icon again. Remember that you must use an unique port number for each live capture. The pre-requisites outlined above must be met before you can successfully run this script.


    ** Feel free to modify the script as needed and share your changes with the community!