VIRL Server Salt Connectivity Validation


    This script is meant to assist with troubleshooting connectivity to Cisco Salt Masters. If your server is not able to communicate with Cisco Salt servers, you will not be able to upgrade, perform certain configuration changes or run simulations.  A properly connected server will return output similar to this:


    ./ -n


    Testing Connectivity to: [ ==> ]

    Connection to 4505 port [tcp/*] succeeded!

    Connection to 4506 port [tcp/*] succeeded!


    Checking License....[ ]

    Auth test --> Salt Server [ ]




    Creating and Using the Script


    Method 1

    1. Download script
    2. Open script using a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit
    3. Connect to VIRL PE via SSH and log in
          Username: virl
          Password:  VIRL
    4. Create a blank file named using the following commands:
          Press the letter  i to Insert text
          Paste entire contents of the script into the new file
          Press  esc  key to close edit mode
          Type  :  followed by the letter  x  to save and close the file
    5. Make script executable
        chmod u+x
    6. Run script


    Method 2

    (Internet access required)

    1. Log into the VIRL PE server via SSH
    2. Right click on the link below
    3. Select and click Copy Link Address from context menu
    4. In console window enter the following command:
          wget <paste_link-address >
    5. Make script executable
        chmod u+x
    6. Run script
    7. Output file will be placed in the home directory of the user  virl
    8. Collect file and attach to support post



    ./ {ARG} {-c, -n, -o} [OPTION] [-v]


         '-c' :tests locally configured Salt Masters

         '-n' :tests (new) VIRL 1.6 Salt Masters

         '-a' :tests Asia Pacific ONLY

         '-e' :tests Europe ONLY

         '-u' :tests US ONLY

         '-v' :provides verbose output (eq. -l debug)


        ./ -o -v


    Collecting Additional Logs

    If you need assistance with moving the file from your VIRL server to your local machine, take a look at How to: Collect Logs For VIRL Troubleshooting under the section Other Logs.


    Attaching Files to a Post

    If you need to attach a file to a post, make sure to click on the Use Adavanced Editor located at the top right of the Quick Reply window.


    Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 5.21.51 PM.png