T-Shoot: Stuck Simulation in VM Maestro




    Affected Versions

    • VIRL 1.2.8x
    • VIRL 1.2.6x

    After stopping a running simulation, VM Maestro does not return an error but displays simulation as ABSENT and simulation never clears even after a system reboot. When attempting to upgrade your VIRL server via UWM, you will also receive an error similar to: Unable to upgrade VIRL due to running simulations...   In either case, all attempts to remove the simulation via VM Maestro or UWM fail without a error being returned.





    This process requires console or ssh access to your VIRL server and the installation of SQLite3 from the Ubuntu repositories. Your VIRL server must have access to the internet in order to download the package. After the package has been downloaded and installed, you will manually remove the simulation from the database; this will clear simulation in VM Maestro and UWM.


    • Connect to your VIRL server via console or SSH
    • Stop maintenance mode if enabled
      • sudo virl_uwm_client maintenance-stop
    • Install SQLite3
      • sudo apt-get -y install sqlite3
    • Edit server database (ensure to include the semi-colon as shown in the commands)
      • sudo sqlite3 /var/local/virl/servers.db
      • .mode line
      • .tables
      • SELECT * from session ;
      • DELETE from session where session='<simulation.id>' ;
      • .quit
    • Close your console session and check that simulation has cleared


    Need Further Assistance

    If you are still not able to clear the simulation or have noticed errors when following this guide, please collect your system logs and start a new thread. For assistance in log collection, read How to: Collect Logs For VIRL Troubleshooting.