How to: Ostinato Drone Bug Fix on VIRL 1.2.83

    Adapted from: Navaneeth original contribution

    Edited by: VIRL Support




    Due to a naming convention change in Ostinato Drone image, performing a full system upgrade or update, the Ostinato drone image may be deleted. The Ostinato image may also be removed when the user performs an individual update of the "lxc_ostinato" image from the installed version "0.8.1" to the reported available version "0.8".


    Affected VIRL releases

    • 1.2.8x
    • 1.2.6x


    Identify Defect

    Open UWM and navigate to VIRL Server > VIRL Software and scroll to LXC Image Upgrades -- If you have hit this defect, the following will be reported:




    Due to the naming change, the upgraded Ostinato image is not correctly mapped and VIRL server returns "image unavailable".

    When starting a simulation with an Ostinato node, VM Maestro may report the following error:





    The current workaround is still valid and simple to implement. There are three main steps:

    1. Create new Subtype
    2. Ensure current image version is installed
    3. Map Ostinato image to subtype using VM Maestro

    Open UWM and login:

    • Username: uwmadmin
    • Password: password

    Create Subtype for Ostinato Drone

    1. Expand Node Resources
    2. Click Subtypes
    3. Click Specialize icon



    Change Name of plugin to lxc-ostinato-drone-standard and click Create -- DO NOT make any other changes to Subtype definition

    Connect to your VIRL server via ssh or console found in VIRL Server > Server Tools and run the following command:


    sudo salt-call -l debug state.sls virl.routervms.lxc_ostinato


    Open VM Maestro and fetch new Node Subtype definitions:

    • Click File > Preferences
    • Select Node Subtypes
    • Scroll to the bottom of main window and click Fetch From Server
    • Click Apply and then OK to close window


    Launching Simulation with Ostinato

    Open your simulation or create a new one.

    1. Select lxc-ostinato-drone-standard from available nodes and place in your simulation.
    2. With Ostinato drone selected; click Browse for VM Image
    3. Select lxc-ostinato-drone-standard (version 0.8) image and click OK

    Save settings and configure your simulation as needed. Your simulation with Ostinato Drone should now be able to start as expected.