How to: Create a new user profile in VM Maestro


    Creating an unique user profile in VM Maestro (VMM) can make connecting switching from one VIRL server to another quick and easy. It also eliminates extra configuration steps if re-deploying your VIRL becomes necessary. Switching from one profile to another can be done from the drop-down menu at any time.


    It is best practice to use VM Maestro from your local machine and not the VIRL server desktop. Following this practice ensures that all of your topology files are keep secure locally and not on the VIRL virtual machine. The same holds true if you have deployed VIRL as a bare-metal server.

    This guide assumes that VMM is installed on user's local system and is not being used on the VIRL server Desktop.


    Getting Started

    1. With VMM already opened, click on User button at the bottom right of the VMM window to open Web Services preferences window. Alternatively, click on File > Preferences; then select Web Services
    2. Click on the plus to open new  Web Services Profile
    3. Give your profile an unique name
    4. Update the Base URL with the IP or FQDN of your VIRL server; be sure not to remove the port number
      Example: '' or ''
    5. Click OK
    6. Click on Change button under Master Credentials
    7. Enter a valid username and password as defined in UWM
      Username: guest
      Password: guest
    8. Click OK
      All Web Services should now turn green as VMM connects to your VIRL server. If the services do not turn green, note the error returned and double check all settings. Most common is wrong IP address, or password for configured user.
    9. Click Apply
    10. Click OK to close Web Services window