T-Shoot: Simulation(s) not displayed in VM Maestro

    Simulations View (Perspective)


    All simulations launched by the connected user on VIRL server, will be displayed in VM Maestro's Simulations view (as configured in File > Preferences > Web Services).  This is always true, whether you launched that simulation from VM Maestro, UWM web interface, or programmatically via the web service APIs.


    There is a known problem with VM Maestro where the Simulations view sometimes stops refreshing. This refresh problem often occurs after a loss in network connectivity between VM Maestro and the VIRL server. If you launch a simulation and it does not show up in the Simulation view within a minute, then you should try refreshing the view once.  You can also use the refresh button if the Simulations view is still showing a simulation long after it has stopped running.


    Note that it is sufficient to press the refresh button only once. Pressing the refresh button repeatedly can produce the opposite desired effect and make your simulation show up slower. After you press the button once, the Simulations view should re-connect and start refreshing automatically.


    Graphical View of Running Simulation (Active Canvas)


    Every time a simulation is started, a 'read-only' viewer is opened in the main editor area of VM Maestro. Each running simulation will have its own unique viewer (Active Canvas) assigned.  At times, you may see a simulation in Simulations view with no associated viewer.  There are many reasons why the simulation viewer may not be visible in VM Maestro.  You may have closed the viewer accidentally or intentionally.  Restarting VM Maestro will also close all simulation viewers.  VM Maestro will automatically reopen any topology files that you had open before exiting, but it does not automatically open simulation viewers again.  If you started a simulation via the UWM web interface or via the web service APIs, VM Maestro will list the simulation in Simulations view, but it will not automatically open a viewer for the simulation.  Note that you can open the simulation viewer for any running simulation, even if you do not have the topology file that was used to launch the simulation in your VM Maestro workspace.  VM Maestro will fetch the topology and the simulation's current state from the VIRL server.


    If you have a running simulation that is shown in Simulations view, but you do not see a graphical viewer for that simulation, you open it by right-clicking on the simulation name in Simulations view and clicking View Simulation in the context menu.


    If the simulation viewer for that simulation is not currently open, a new simulation viewer will be opened.  If the simulation viewer for that simulation is already open, clicking View Simulation should bring it to focus.