How to: Configure ASAv for ASDM connectivity

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    (Problem Description)


    Hi All,

    I would like your help to get ASDM working, I have looked through various posts of this community but I still cannot get it to work.

    So I have the ASAV-1 and Flat 1 [one] connected via gig 0/0

    Console Port:
    Mgmt. Port:
    External Port:


    I have tried to go open a browser to download the ASDM - To no joy.

    Also noticed there is no Cisco licence installed.

    Do I need to enable the CLI for HTTP services? I have attached a picture for reference...





    Getting Started



    You can chose to use Shared flat network (found under Topology properties), or attach a Flat Connector or both. If you choose both, Shared flat network and Flat Connector, you will need to change the property of the Flat Connector to use FLAT-1 network. If you do not make this change, VM Maestro will throw an error.  In this example we will show connectivity using the Flat cloud connector. Since we will be accessing the ASAv web interface via the Flat cloud, it is important to understand that FLAT is a separate network. Depending on your VIRL server deployment, it may be necessary to add route statements to your physical devices. For this example, it is assumed that your physical box is directly connected to the Flat network ( therefore routing is not required.


    1. Create basic topology with a single ASAv node and attach a Flat cloud to ASAv interface Ge0/0
    2. Make sure to run Build Initial Configurations
    3. Start simulation -- wait for ASAv to become active and has fully booted
    4. Right click on ASAv node and connect via Console port
    5. Check IP address of Outside interface Ge0/0

      sho run int gi0/0

          interface GigabitEthernet0/0

          description to flat-1

          duplex full

          nameif outside

          security-level 0

          ip address

    6. Enable HTTP connectivity

      http server enable

      http outside

    7. (OPTIONAL) Set gateway of last resort if your physical server is not on the same segment and Flat is a routable network

      conf t

      route outside (IP address of your router for this network)

    8. Open a browser and connect to your ASAv node

    9. Ignore security warnings and continue to the ASAv ASDM landing page
    10. Click on "Install ASDM Launcher" button -- if prompted; log in with cisco/cisco (default)
    11. (Optional) Verify your ASDM image on your ASAv node

      sho asdm image


    You should now be able to launch ASDM from your local machine and get connected to your ASAv simulation node. If you are not able to reach your ASAv node, check the route table and ensure it is configured as expected. In this example, you should not need to add any route statements as your physical box should be connected on the same Flat network.