3rd Party VMs in VIRL

    Edited 2015/06/16 - added Forescount CounterACT.
    Edited 2015/12/17 - added Security Onion.
    Edited 2016/01/19 - added Kali Linux.


    The following is a list of posts made by various members of the community which provide guidance on how to get 3rd Party virtual machines integrated into VIRL.

    A10 vthunder - A10 vThunder running just fine into VIRL - Thanks to @ntarenne!

    Arista vEOS - Arista vEOS image on VIRL - Thanks to @ntarenne

    Alcatel 7750 SR - Adding the Alcatel Virtualized Service Router to VIRL 2 - Thanks to @ntarenne

    Citrix Netscaler - How to add Citrix NetScaler VPX Platinum to VIRL - Thanks to @Virtualpackets

    Cumulus VX - Running Cumulus VX in VIRL topologies -
    Thanks to @flex

    Extreme Networks - Adding the Extreme XOS virtual machine to VIRL - Thanks to @ntarenne

    F5 BIG IP - Documentation in progress

    Forescount CounterACT - Forescout CounterACT - Thanks to @keroger2k

    Fortinet FortiGate - FortiGate Firewall using VIRL - Thanks to @Virtualpackets

    HP VSR1k - HP VSR1000 running into VIRL - Thanks to @ntarenne

    Juniper vMX - Playing with Juniper vMX on VIRL - Thanks to @ntarenne and @Remus_Grobei

    Juniper vSRX - vSRX and ASAv - how to import to VIRL? - Thanks to @pandom_

    Kali Linux - How to: Kali Linux in a VIRL topology

    Palo Alto Networks - Adding the Palo Alto virtual machine to VIRL - Thanks for @Virtualpackets

    Security Onion - Security Onion on VIRL installation guide

    Windows - Windows 7 image creation within VIRL Host - Thanks to @gravityns

    A big 'thank-you' to all of the people listed above who've spent their time working on this and putting up the information for others to follow!

    If you have details of a VM that you can share, please let us know and we'll add it to the table.
    To see how to add a custom image to VIRL, go through this post:

    Add Custom Virtual Machines to VIRL