T-Shoot: VM Maestro



    Common errors when launching or using VM Maestro (VMM)

    Here you will find only some of the more common errors seen when using VM Maestro. Remember, VMM is the client to your VIRL server. This means that your VMM client must have the correct IP address of your VIRL server and a valid username and password to use for the connection. The default admin user "uwmadmin" is not allowed to run simulations; therefore, it is not a valid username for VM Maestro.


    Already connected -- Java error


    Typically caused by pointing VM Maestro web services to wrong IP address; e.i. http://localhost when using VMM on from your local computer and not from the desktop of the VIRL server virtual machine. This error is typically returned on older versions of VM Maestro; prior to 1.2.7.


    1. Open web services by clicking on the username at the bottom right of VMM
    2. Click on 'Restore Defaults'
    3. Enter the IP address of your VIRL server; make sure to only remove localhost while leaving the trailing port information.


    More information

    Learn how to create an unique user profile in VMM: How to: Create a new user profile in VM Maestro


    No valid host was found


    This error is typically caused when some of the Openstack services are not available or failed to start. The reason usually points to misconfiguration of the VIRL VM interfaces. Sometimes is due to other reasons such as bug that keeps a networking component from starting.


    Do ONE of the following

    1. Log into UWM and navigate to System Configuration > Networks
      • Check all network values and ensure IP addresses are correct and not duplicated
      • Check that all DNS server fields are populated with a valid (numerically) IP address; empty DNS IP addresses are not allowed
      • Correct any errors found and apply changes
      • Wait for configuration update to complete and reboot server


    1. From CLI; ensure all settings in /etc/virl.ini  are correct
      • Check all network values and ensure IP addresses are correct and not duplicated
      • Check that all DNS server fields are populated with a valid (numerically) IP address; each interface should have two DNS IP entries (comma separated)
      • Correct any errors found and save changes
    2. Run the following commands (in order):
      1. vinstall vinstall
      2. vinstall salt
      3. sudo salt-call state.sls virl.host  <<< this will build the /etc/network/interfaces
      4. sudo reboot
    3. After reboot, reset Openstack
      1. sudo salt-call state.sls openstack
      2. sudo salt-call state.sls openstack.reset
      3. sudo salt-call state.sls openstack.restart
    4. Check Openstack services
      1. nova service-list
      2. neutron net-list
      3. neutron agent-list


    More Information

    Take a look at the original KB article: Linuxbridge-agent down, VMs fail with No valid host was found


    Failed to license simulation


    This can happen by several reasons, but the issue typically points to a synch problem between the VIRL server and Openstack services. This synch issue caused the system to think that there are other simulations still running when in fact they are not. Another common cause, is that several different users have logged into the VIRL server and have left simulations running unbeknownst to the other users. Since the node count is the sum of all nodes on the server, one user may get this message when the previous user did not.


    When attempting to solve this problem, it is important to understand if the issue is just simply simulations left running or is it a real issue where the server did not correctly end previous simulations. Make sure that UWM (User Workspace Management) does not show other simulations running under the 'Overview' section when you first log in. If there are other simulations that should not be running you can request to stop from UWM.


    If no simulation is running and you have already rebooted the VIRL Server, then take a look at this post: Failed to license simulation