T-Shoot: Registering and Licensing

    Common errors when activating your VIRL server



    Call has timed out; failed to connect or minion key not accepted

    This can be caused when the (PEM) license key is not correctly entered or if the local firewall block access on ports 4505-4506. These two ports are required for the VIRL server to talk with our authentication service.

    Take a look at this post for detail on how to reset your key. Remember to use a text editor like notepad or textedit when opening your license file. Applications like MS Word, Pages, etc. can add return characters which corrupt the signature key.

    How to: Apply and Register your license key


    No Salt Master Could Be Reached


    This error is typically caused by network connectivity to our authentication servers. Make sure that you are able to contact our servers on ports 4505-4506.

    Take a look at this KB article for more information.

    T-Shoot: Failed to collect current salt contact status