How to: Apply and Register your license key

    When you're going through the set up and installation steps for you VIRL Server, you'll get to the step where you need to enter your license key. Here are a few key points to help ensure that this is successful!

    1. Make sure that you have a valid NTP clock source - See the installation instructions on the VIRL Micro-Site
    2. Make a note of your license key file name. Your key is the Salt ID and domain. The filename format appears like this: or so you will need to remove the .pem when entering into the appropriate field.
    3. Your license key is a .pem file. A PEM file is a Base64 encoded certificate that can be opened with a regular text editor. We recommend using a text editor like TextEdit, TextWrangler, notepad, or notepad++ instead of a word processor like Microsoft Word, Pages, or Word Pad.
    4. When entering your key in UWM; under VIRL Server > Salt Configuration and Status, click on "Reset keys and ID" button to display: Reset Salt settings window. Ensure you have the entire text of your .pem file. Including the last line that reads:
      • -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----


    The picture below shows an example of the Reset Salt Settings page: