How to: Configure VM Maestro for Multiple VIRL Installations

    Leveraging Cloud Storage



    Using cloud storage is more than just popular, chances are you are using it right now. Typically, the need arises because you are using multiple computers and need access to your documents at all times. If you are running VIRL as a VM on ESXi server and you have multiple computers, you may have noticed that your topologies do not sync up. This is expected since VM Maestro stores the topologies on the local computer. Or maybe you have a company VIRL installation and your own personal installation at home. No matter, each VM Maestro instance keeps its own set of preferences and install files locally. Because of this behavior we need another way to keep the simulations visible across devices.


    OSDirectory Path
    Mac OSX /Users/USERNAME/vmmaestro/workspace
    Linux /Users/USERNAME/vmmaestro/workspace


    Connecting to VIRL from ANY computer

    VIRL is a server / client relationship, this means that the VIRL VM can be turned on and then left alone; never to be logged into again. The only software we need to use VIRL, is VM Maestro (client). Once we have VM Maestro (VMM) installed on our computer we can then connect to any VIRL instance running anywhere; albeit, we need to have permission and network connectivity. But this creates a problem when connecting from different VMM instances. Our topologies are not the synced across the devices. SO, lets fix this!



    • Active cloud storage account -- example: Box, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.
    • Working and available VIRL server
    • VM Maestro already installed on your computer

    Getting Started


    Make sure you are in the ‘Design’ view of VMM before you start.

    1. Find the Projects palette on the bottom left side of VMM
    2. Right click in the space > select New > Topology Project
    3. Enter Project Name > uncheck “use default location” > browse to your cloud storage directory > click Finish
    4. Done!


    You have to admit this is really handy. So this can be a way for you to move all your topologies away from your local machine and place them in Box, DropBox, Google Drive, etc. and then you may delete them locally. Moving forward all of your new and existing topologies will be safe in the cloud.

    Extra bonus

    For you more advanced users who know and understand Git Repository, take a look at this post:
    To be clear, VIRL is single install / single user license. But we understand that having access to multiple computers is not uncommon. The method mentioned above and in this article is a way to stay compliant while having the flexibility of multi computer access.

    I hope you enjoyed this tech-tip and happy packets!


    VIRL Personal Edition is designed and licensed for individual users.
    One license key is associated to one user. We are allowing each license key to have up to TWO installs, as a lot of users have requested the capability to have one key installed at work or a server and another on their laptop for portability. We, however, still ask that you do not run the two installs simultaneously; those who do will be caught by our system and it is a violation of the license agreement. For those of you that have heard otherwise from us (for instance, you can ONLY have one install or you can have however many installs as long a you don’t use them simultaneously), this is now the updated and final policy.