Adding the Palo Alto virtual machine to VIRL

    Before you start you will need to get a copy of the Palo Alto virtual machine;
    Please do not asked for the PA-VM-KVM-6.1.0.qcow2 image you will need to source this from http://www.paloaltonetworks.com150

    To add the Palo Alto image into VIRL follow the steps.

    1) Login to the User Workspace Management http://x.x.x.x:19400/user/login/5 and select Subtypes from the menu.

    2) Click the Import button located on the top right-hand side and paste in the following config.

      "dynamic-subtypes": [
      "hw_vcpus": 2,
      "plugin_desc": "Palo Alto Firewall",
      "cli_serial": 1,
      "plugin_name": "Palo_alto",
      "gui_visible": true,
      "interface_range": 24,
      "interface_pattern": "Ethernet1/{0}",
      "hw_disk_bus": "virtio",
      "baseline_flavor": "",
      "hw_vm_extra": "",
      "hw_ram": 4096,
      "gui_icon": "firewall",
      "interface_first": 1,
      "config_file": "/bootstrap-networkconfig.xml",
      "hw_vif_model": "virtio",
      "interface_management": "mgt",
      "baseline_image": "",
      "plugin_base": "generic"

    Then click Import. This will ADD the new subtype to your existing list.

    3) Now select Images from the menu and then click Add

    Select the Palo_alto subtype and enter 6.10 for Name/Version and Release , under Source select Local image file and click Browse and select your Palo Alto image file and click Create. After a few minutes you should see a message saying the Image "Palo_alto-6.10" was created.