IOSvL2 - more info (updated 10/2/15)

    IOSvL2 is an implementation of Cisco IOS Layer-2 switching code (based on the DSGS code branch) running as a full virtual machine on a hypervisor.

    IOSv supports up to 16 Gigabit Ethernet interface (one reserved for management purposes)

    IOSvL2 is primarily a Layer-2 switch although Layer-3 control plane and data-plane functionality is also present in the image.

    The following list of features are included in the IOSvL2 image:

    • Layer-2 forwarding (auto-config’d)
    • Switchport (auto-config’d)
    • 802.1q trunk, 802.1q vlans (auto-config’d)
    • Spanning Tree (auto-config’d)
    • Port-Channel (Pagp and Lacp)
    • 802.1x passthrough
    • Port-ACLs
    • Dynamic Arp Inspection
    • DHCP Snooping
    • IP device tracking
    • Switched Virtual Interfaces
    • Layer-3 forwarding over SVIs
    • Routing protocol support (ISIS is NOT supported)
    • VTP v1-3
    • PVST
    • QoS
    • Inter-vlan routing
    • Vlan Access Maps (VACLs / access control lists for vlans)
    • ACL functionality for both layer2 and layer3 protocol packets
    • Dynamic Trunking Protocol support
    • Switchport protected mode

    Port mirroring (SPAN) and Private Vlans are NOT currently supported

    Note: auto-config'd means that this feature is also supported from the AutoNetkit auto config engine.