How to: Verify OVA file checksum



    To verify that your OVA is complete and is not corrupted, you need to verify its checksum. We provide two types, MD5 hash and SHA512 checksums. Using this comparison method will ensure your OVA file is numerically identical to the original published VIRL OVA.


    Getting Started

    To ensure that checksums are always valid and never out of date, they will only be found on the VIRL software download page. You must have a valid VIRL subscription to access VIRL software. To download or view the VIRL software and the associated image's checksum, go to My Account in the Cisco Learning Store and log in with your Cisco ID. Once logged in, click on Download VIRL button to be re-directed to Cisco Downloads. Hover over the download link to display the tool-tip. In the tool-tip you will find the MD-5 and SHA512 checksums which may be copied using the clipboard icon to the right of the checksums.





    Checking the MD5 sum


    From MAC OS X

    1. Open a terminal application
    2. run the following commands:
      • ~# cd /path/to/ova
      • ~# md5 virl.x.x.x.esxi.ova


      • ~# cd /path/to/ova
      • ~# shasum -a 512 virl.x.x.x.esxi.ova

    From Linux

    1. Open a terminal application
    2. run the following commands:
      • ~# cd /path/to/ova
      • ~# md5sum virl.1.0.0.esxi.ova


      • ~# cd /path/to/ova
      • ~# shasum -a 512 virl.x.x.x.esxi.ova

    From Windows

    If your Windows installation does not have FCIV installed, follow the steps outlined HERE or the steps outlined below in the section titled: Installing "Checksum Integrity Verifier utility" From Microsoft

    1. Open command prompt
    2. run the following commands:
      1. ~# cd /path/to/ova
      2. ~# FCIV -md5 virl.x.x.x.esxi.ova


    Use the returned value and compare it with the appropriate value for your downloaded image.  The value must be identical to what is listed on the download page. If it is not, you will need to download the file again. Remember that is is highly recommended that you use a download manager plug-in to assist with the file download.


    Installing "Checksum Integrity Verifier utility" From Microsoft

    In some cases the fciv utility may not be installed on your Windows system. To get the utility installed follow the steps listed. Note that your account must have administrative privileges.

    1. Review and understand the utility and how to use it as described in KB-8897682
    2. Download the File Checksum Integrity Verifier3
    3. Right click on the installer and "Run as administrator"
    4. Click Yes to accept the license agreement
    5. Type C:\ for the location to place extracted files
    6. Click OK
    7. Click OK again to acknowledge prompt

    Verifying installation

    1. Open the command prompt
    2. Type fciv /?
    3. If an error is returned, make sure that you followed the installation steps outlined above. Alternatively, follow KB-8412902 installation instructions.