VIRL (Community etiquette)

    Welcome to the VIRL Community


    This is where you can find answers to questions and problems, share what you have created and collaborate with other VIRL users to find solutions. The VIRL community is what makes VIRL. Your feedback has brought features like, packet capture, link-latency, and automated upgrades. Along with VIRL on the cloud using Packet and resource over-commit settings to help reduce cost and take full advantage of available resources. These features, while obvious now were a result of feedback and suggestions from all of our users. etiquette

    Asking a Question

    First remember that VIRL is officially supported by users like yourself. When asking a question be polite, detailed and to the point. Always start your question with system information and version numbers. Then, start with a short (one line) description of the problem. For example you can say "VM Maestro returns error 'x' when launching simulation". Followed by a more detailed description of the problem you are experiencing.


    Things to avoid

    • Rudeness and typed frustration.
      • We all run into problems, and sometimes they can get the best of us. Keep yourself in check and post your question in a dry to-the-point manner. This will keep you out of trouble and will make your post likely to get answered.
    • Single sentence, vague or unclear question.
      • Posting a question like: "I click on play button and nothing happens"; is not only confusing to the reader but will also make the reader think twice before providing assistance. The reader will now have to start by asking a barrage of questions just to figure out if they can offer assistance.
    • Flame threads.
      • If you have been around other communities you know what I am talking about. Yep, there is always "that one guy" out there that wants nothing more than to prove a point. Its a sick and twisted version of the Geico camel. While at times can be funny and tolerable, this will almost certainly get your post removed and in worst case your account closed.
    • Placing a comment or feedback (good or bad)
      • We need your comments and we need your feedback. It is because of users like you that we are where we are today. We just ask to help us keep our community neat and organized. If you have a question, please post in its appropriate category. If you have feedback, a general comment or looking to start a constructive discussion please start the thread in our discussions category.

    In short, be nice, detailed and remember that you are asking others to help you. Demanding is never a good way to request assistance from others.