Cisco Learning Credits Exam Voucher Program


    Something New to Redeem with Cisco Learning Credits: Certification Exam Vouchers


    New buying power for your Cisco Learning Credits. In addition to using Cisco Learning Credits to purchase training, Cisco customers and learning partners can redeem their credits for certification exam vouchers. This added feature will make it easier than ever for our partners to offer customers a complete authorized training solution. Choose from these six exam voucher package options.


    Certification Exam Voucher Pack and Pricing


    Exam Description

    Exam Code

    Package Description


    ICND Entry-Level/Business

    Specialist Level 1 Exam Pack

    100-105, 200-105, 810-xxx exams

    6 vouchers for ICND1, ICND2, or Business Specialist Level 1 exam



    CCNA Advanced Technology/Business Specialist Level 2 Exam Pack

    200-401/601, 210-xxx, 300-xxx, 500-xxx, 600-xxx, 640-xxx (except 640-692/792), 642-xxx, 644-xxx, 648-xxx, 820-xxx exams

    6 vouchers for Professional/Specialist/Technical or CCNA Advanced Technology or Business Specialist Level 2 exam


    CCNA Composite Associate-Level Exam Pack


    6 vouchers for CCNA Composite exam


    Cisco Business Specialist Level 3 Exam Pack

    830-xxx, 840-xxx exams

    6 vouchers for Business      Specialist Level 3 exams


    CCIE/CCDE Expert-Level Written Exam Mini Pack

    350-xxx, 352-001, 400-xxx

    3 vouchers for CCIE or CCDE written exam


    CCIE/CCDE Expert-Level Written Exam Pack

    350-xxx, 352-001, 400-xxx

    6 vouchers for CCIE or CCDE written exam



    Here's how to Order:


    1. Click and download: Exam Voucher Order Form
    2. Complete all the required fields, including the sales order number information
    3. Select the “voucher type” from the drop-down menu.
    4. Enter the order quantity
    5. Email the completed template to
    6. Your customer’s Team Captain may be notified via email for approval, if the Team Captain has elected to approve debits against his or her account. If this approval step applies to your customer, please note that voucher fulfilment will not begin until your order has been approved by the customer Team Captain.
    7. Once approval has been granted, if necessary, in accordance with step 7, the request for vouchers will be initiated.
    8. Voucher codes will be sent directly to the requester email address as provided on the order form.
    9. Allow 3 to 5 business days upon approval for processing.


    Voucher Discount Terms and Conditions:

    Vouchers expire 12 months from the date they are issued. Voucher expiration dates cannot be extended. Expired vouchers cannot be replaced or refunded.


    For Cisco Learning Credit exam voucher order status inquiries, please contact the Learning@Cisco Business Operations team at



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