ACI Fabric Setup: Lesson 2: ACI Controller Demo Part 1



    Lesson 2: ACI Controller Demo Part 1

    Presented by Robert Burns


    ACI Fabric Setup: Lesson 2: ACI Controller Demo Part 1This is the second video training lesson in the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Fabric Setup session presented by Robert Burns.  It is part 1 of 2 of an ACI Controller Demo.  It’s also noted that Application Policy Infrastructure Controllers (APICs) are preconfigured devices; they come as appliances branded as APICs.  They are not something that you can create by buying your own server and loading the firmware on it.  Now, this video training starts off with a look at the ACI demo lab topology where it shows the APICs configured with Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC) IP addresses to give access to the console of the APICs.  The demo itself begins when Robert logs into the CIMC of APIC1, brings up the KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) console, and then enters some cluster configuration information.  After that, he opens up a browser to the APIC’s management IP address he just configured.  By default it requires HTTPS, but it can be turned off or you can set up a redirect.  Lastly, Robert does the fabric discovery and refers to his network diagram to add the first leaf node and all spine nodes to the fabric, all using the UI.


    Lesson 1: Overview of the ACI Fabric

    Lesson 2: ACI Controller Demo Part 1

    Lesson 3: ACI Controller Demo Part 2

    Lesson 4: Questions and Answers

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