ACI Fabric Setup: Lesson 1: Overview of the ACI Fabric



    Lesson 1: Overview of the ACI Fabric

    Presented by Robert Burns


    ACI Fabric Setup: Lesson 1: Overview of the ACI FabricThis video lesson is the first of four In the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Fabric Setup session.  In this lesson, Cisco Technical Leader Robert Burns provides an overview of the ACI fabric.  He explains the closed topology that the ACI fabric uses and how growing the fabric is very simple with ACI.  Robert then outlines the prerequisites and other items needed for the ACI fabric setup, including the need for a network diagram to plan out the deployment (which helps with naming different nodes), a range of out-of-Band (OOB) management IP addresses, and a Network Time Protocol (NTP) source to keep everything in sync within the fabric.  After that, you’ll get a look at the fabric bring-up process starting with fabric discovery using Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP).  Robert then gives some attention to several topics of the APIC (Application Policy Infrastructure Controller)/fabric bring-up process such as APIC clustering and dual-homing and also fabric node registration.  Next, he explains how to view some low-level IS-IS (Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System) commands on the switches themselves.  Robert finishes up this overview of the ACI fabric with a brief look at management IP addresses.


    Lesson 1: Overview of the ACI Fabric

    Lesson 2: ACI Controller Demo Part 1

    Lesson 3: ACI Controller Demo Part 2

    Lesson 4: Questions and Answers

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