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The TechWiseTV Dynamic Duo

TechWiseTV's own, inimitable Robb Boyd and Jimmy Ray Purser are on hand to discuss and demonstrate a wide variety of technologies and their related challenges in this growing collection of entertaining and informative videos.
Robb BoydJimmy Ray Purser



We offer three types of video materials categorized into five areas: Unified Communication, Routing and Switching, Security, Data Center, and Mobility:

  • Video Podcasts (5-6 min.) Accessible directly, these offer a quick overview of a technology topic.
  • TechWiseTV Episodes (60 min.) You can preview each full episode before registering to view it. Each explains a technology area from various perspectives and in greater detail.
  • Technology Workshops Workshops provide a more hands-on approach to a technology challenge and may involve audience participation. These also require a separate registration before viewing.

We invite you to check out each technology section, then sit back and relax as you learn from these knowledgeable masters whose style is engaging and whose love of technology makes learning pure fun!