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Routing and Switching Self Assessment

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Depending on your experience with the Cisco certification curriculum, your goals for assessing your skills will probably vary. We have put together a list of resources to guide you through the Cisco IT self-assessment process at different levels.


Level 1: "I'm interested in IT, but not sure if it's for me."


For technology enthusiasts who think a career in IT networking sounds fun and want to see how their interests and current skills match up, we recommend the Is IT for You Challenge.


This free online quiz can serve as a guide to help you decide if you want to learn more about promising career opportunities through Cisco IT.


Level 2: "I have some experience with basic networking concepts, but not necessarily formal learning."


Do the terms “router,” “switch,” “binary code,” or “subnetting” mean anything to you? If these words ring a bell, then you are probably in good shape to explore your knack for the fun entry-level games in the Cisco Learning Network games arcade. Play the Cisco Binary game and the Cisco Subnet game for free and use them as foundational guides to assist with your understanding of the language of networking.


Level 3: "I've done some IT self-study or formal learning and want to evaluate my current entry-level skills."


If you have made it to Level 3 in your interest with networking, then we know you probably like a challenge, and are really into cool technologies. The Cisco Mind Share game combines both of these elements in a futuristic space adventure that scores your capabilities with understanding basic routing and switching connections. Try it today: Cisco Mind Share Learning Game free demo.


Level 4: "I know I want to be Cisco certified, and I have studied hard to prepare for my exam."


If you have extensive learning experience with the curriculum for ICND1 v2.0, ICND2 v2.0, or CCNA Routing and Switching, and want to assess your readiness for the certification exam, we recommend taking a Cisco Certification Practice Exam.



*Please note: The self-assessment question engine related to the 640-822 (ICND1), 640-816 (ICND2), and 640-802 (CCNA) certification exams has been retired with those exams.