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CCIE Routing and Switching Tech Seminars


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Prepare for the CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 exams with this series of technical seminars for the CCIE Routing and Switching certification. Join Cisco’s Subject Matter Experts as they delve into required topics to pass these popular exams. If you are an IT professional looking to stay current in your expert level knowledge or are looking to move into a more advanced role, then these videos are for you!



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Recorded CCIE R&S Tech Seminars
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What is CCIE Lab Builder with Bruno van de Werve,
Greg Coté and Raymond ViscainaHide Titles

Lesson 1:
How It Will Help You Prepare for Your CCIE R&S Exam
Lesson 2:
How Do I Access and Use CCIE Lab Builder
Lesson 3:
Complex Topologies and Downloading LDC/LDS Files
Lesson 4:
Questions and Answers
Lesson 5:
MPLS Lab and Saving for Distribution
Lesson 6:
Additional Questions and Answers
Post-Seminar Discussion Thread

Unleashing the New Exam with Bruno van de Werve,
Greg Coté and Ramesh BijorHide Titles

Lesson 1:
CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Lab Exam Format
Exam Program Manager, Bruno van de Werve, reviews the overall changes to the CCIE Routing and Switching program, covering high level program direction, changes of topics (new, moved from RSv4 Lab to RSv5 written and retired) as well as the new lab exam format (modular and virtual exam, new diagnostic module, optional timing and new scoring logic).
Lesson 2:
Questions and Answers About Lab Exam Format
Answering questions and discussing about the rationales behind the new scoring logic, including min-score, lab-level cut-score, exam retake policy, exam pricing, remote lab, training products, virtual platform, etc. Discussing some recommendations about the exam strategy with regards to scoring, exam workflow, timing, etc and highlighting key characteristics of the lab exam and key differences between the exam modules.
Lesson 3:
Demonstration and Diagnostic Guidelines
Demonstrating the lab exam web interface for the troubleshooting module using a typical scenario and walking through the interface's features and menus (questions, diagrams, guidelines, manage devices). Reviewing the troubleshooting guidelines and typical sample questions. Demonstrating the lab exam interface for the diagnostic module.
Lesson 4:
Example Task 1 “LAN Switching” and Example Task 2 “EIGRP”
Walking through specific examples of diagnostic questions, the first one is a drop-down multiple-choice about LAN switching and the second is a single-answer hotspot or "point and click" about routing with EIGRP as well as demonstrating the user-friendly features of the web-interface and a recommended approach to address the questions.
Lesson 5:
Example Task 3 “OSPF”
Walking through another specific example of a diagnostic "drag and drop" question about OSPF. Demonstrating the lab exam interface of the configuration module using a typical scenario, questions and diagrams. Illustrating the stake of the configuration module, specifically the sequence of implementation and explicit versus implicit requirements.

Lesson 6:
Questions and Answers & Wrap Up
Addressing general questions about various topics such as the exam environment, review/reread process, inter-dependency of questions, available tools and help, terminals and windows etc.


Post-Seminar Discussion Thread


Meet The Presenters

CCIE Exam Program Manager for the CCIE Routing and Switching ExamsBruno van de Werve – Exam Program Manager for the CCIE Routing and Switching Exams CISCO SYSTEMS, INC


Bruno van de Werve, CCIE 20066 (Routing and Switching) is Exam Program Manager for the CCIE Routing and Switching written and lab exams. He is responsible for its design and content development. Bruno has been with Cisco for over 9 years. Prior to this role, he was a TAC engineer then CCIE proctor at Brussels.



Product Manager for the Routing & SwitchingGreg Coté - Product Manager for the Routing & Switching, Design, and Wireless career certification tracks, CISCO SYSTEMS, INC


Greg Coté is the Product Manager for the Routing and Switching, Design, and Wireless career certification tracks. As a certification PM, Greg is responsible for planning and coordinating revisions to these certs as well as the related trainings. Prior to this role he's worked in various Cisco BUs as a marketing product manager on several routing platforms including the ASR1000, ASR9000, and ISR over my 12+ years at Cisco.




Raymond ViscainaRaymond Viscaina - Technical Leader for Learning@Cisco, CISCO SYSTEMS, INC


Raymond is responsible for the overall operation, support and delivery  of Cisco Learning Labs. With more than 20 years of experience at Cisco,  he has served in many capacities, including Development Test Engineer,  System Test Engineer, and Software Development Manager for many of  Cisco’s top technologies.


CCIE Routing & Switching Overview