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Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless
CCNA® Certification

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Man outside with laptop: CCNA Wireless certification
A CCNA Wireless certification will validate your ability to configure, implement and support wireless LANs using Cisco equipment. Join that growing number of IT professionals who can manage a wireless LAN configuration across all access points and stations by becoming CCNA Wireless certified.

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View Syllabus for a General Overview of CCNA Wireless.






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Now Available On Demand "The Essentials of Cisco Routing and Switching Certification" webinar- "The Essentials of Cisco Routing and Switching Certification" webinar reviews the recently announced redesign of the Cisco Associate-level certification programs and the evolution of the Cisco CCNA® certification to Cisco Routing and Switching certification. View now

Now Available On Demand: Cisco Professional-level virtual event.  Learn about the benefits of Cisco Professional-level certifications in Data Center, Design, Security, Service Provider, Voice, Wireless, or Routing and Switching. Register Now

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CCNA Wireless Video Data Sheet

CCNA Wireless Video Data Sheet

Learn more about the benefits and requirements associated with achieving a CCNA Wireless certification. (3:27 min)

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Cisco Wireless Community — Blog
27 Feb 2015 Introduction to 802.11ac Wave 2
802.11ac is the hottest topic of discussion and deployment in WiFi over the past couple of years. Ratified as a standard by the IEEE in November 2013, the first phase of 802.11ac products brought to market is commonly referred to as Wave 1, and provide...
18 Feb 2015 TechWiseTV Workshop on Cisco CMX Location Services: The Next Best Thing to Being There
As you’ve no doubt seen from our recent Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Momentum announcement, the solution continues to evolve in exciting new ways. As new customers see the potential and expand the number and types of use cases, we want to continu...

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2 females w/wireless device: The Best of Wireless 101
Deploying Unified Wireless
This site has several free training resources to help you prepare for the IUWNE exam. One of these is a video recorded presentation by Cisco software engineer--Marcus Fan. The presentation--"Deploying Unified Wireless," addresses key topics and functions involved in deploying unified wireless systems. It is followed by a spirited QA session, moderated by Fan and colleague Dwayne Fields--a Cisco Education Specialist. Be sure to check it out.

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IUWNE Review Questions
A Journey to CCNA Wireless

Testing yourself with the IUWNE Review Questions is one of the best ways to familiarize and/or reinforce your knowledge of the IUWNE course content and prepare for the exam. Check out this sample of Review Questions based on Module 3 of the courseware.

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speeding train: Journey to CCNA Wireless

Check out IT consultant – Leandro Diaz’s route to CCNA Wireless certification and why he chose wireless for his career path.

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Defining Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials (WLE)


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