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Data Center Specialist Certifications

The Cisco Data Center Specialist certifications enhance your skills and abilities to design, install, and support a data center networking solution.  Data center certifications can enhance your technical skills, confidence and the value you bring to your IT department.


Data Center Unified Computing


Data Center Unified Fabric




Data Center Supplemental Resources

Cisco Data Center Training


The data center certifications are available to all individuals, including those working with Cisco Channel Partners.


Important information regarding Cisco Channel Partner specializations: Many of the Cisco specialist certifications are aligned to Channel Partner Specialization requirements. Channel Partner employees should access the Partner Education Connection to find the latest roadmaps, and information as it pertains to Channel Partner certifications and requirements.



For a complete list of all available specialist certifications, please view the Specialist Certifications Index.

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Blog on Cisco Data Center
Cisco Data Center—Twitter™ feed
Mar 4, 2015 How you integrate Network Services matters
Guest post from Lori Mac Vittie (@lmacvittie) from F5 Networks  How you provision all the network things matters Polymorphism is a concept central to object-oriented programming. The notion of polymorphism is used to extend the capabilities of a basic ...
Mar 3, 2015 Three Big Data Integration Plays to Drive More Value from Big Data
Big data and analytics are changing the competitive playing field. Winners will find ways to turn unprecedented growth and complexity of big data, cloud, IoT devices and more into competitive advantage. The Value of Big Data Integration Big data itself...
Mar 2, 2015 No Latency Load Balancer in Data Centers
Cisco Intelligent Traffic Director (ITD) is a zero latency multi-terabit layer 4 load-balancer available on 5k/6k/7k/9k. It has support for traffic steering and clustering solution on the Nexus  series of switches. ITD allows customers to deploy server...
Oct 10, 2012 ciscoDC: Engineers Unplugged (Episode 4): Is This the Year of #VDI? @virtualchappy @jonisick @commsninja
ciscoDC: Engineers Unplugged (Episode 4): Is This the Year of #VDI? @virtualchappy @jonisick @commsninja
Oct 10, 2012 ciscoDC: #onePK Chat and Demo at Cisco Live [SlideShare] via @GetYourBuildOn
ciscoDC: #onePK Chat and Demo at Cisco Live [SlideShare] via @GetYourBuildOn
Oct 10, 2012 ciscoDC: On Wednesday, see the #EMC stand at 15:30 to watch the "Mission Critical Business Continuity" demo with #Cisco #VCE #vmworld
ciscoDC: On Wednesday, see the #EMC stand at 15:30 to watch the "Mission Critical Business Continuity" demo with #Cisco #VCE #vmworld

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Data Center Blog
Learn more about the updates to DCUCD and DCUCI courses and the differences between the updated courses and their previous incarnations.

Read the Blog: Data Center Unified Computing Specialist Certifications Updated