Cisco VCS Expressway Vid 4 - Endpoint Configuration


For this video, we'll look at the two free voice/video endpoint options you can download for use in your collab environment (Polycom Realpresence Desktop and CounterPath X-lite Mobile).


I use both of these tools in addition to the physical hardware I also have in my lab environment; in a pinch both work "well" and will help you get past the endpoint issue that comes with not being able to either buy hardware or find hardware.  Here're download links for both applications:


1) Polycom Realpresence Desktop:  Polycom RealPresence Desktop Trial - Polycom, Inc.

2) CounterPath X-lite:  X-Lite Softphone: Free VoIP SIP Softphone: Voice, Video, IM | CounterPath


And finally, I also unveil an in-session "up-close-and-personal video" of "myself" configuring both applications as opposed to the typical audio and screen movement you get from me;  I "just" had a shave & haircut and figured "Why Not Go All The Way Live" for once?!?!?!?)  *heh*


Hope the scare of seeing my face doesn't "stunt" your I.T. growth too much...