Vid1 - Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone Intro & Config


What's going on, folks?  I've got some time on my hands, so for those of you working on your collaboration certs like I am might appreciate this :-)


After multiple attempts (my job/travel schedule sucks), I finally passed CIPTV1 last week.  Although took a few attempts, I will say it was one of the better cisco professional level exams I've taken with regards to relevancy of the information being tested upon.


Anyway, on of the big things that helped (as always) was my home lab; I've recently upgrade some of the routers in my environment, but one of the best things I did was invest in the "Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone" for configuring cheap home lab PSTN inbound/outbound dialing access.  It worked out great when I was testing CUBE, SIP Trunk, and H323 calls going out of my two CUCM clusters (both clusters are 4hrs away from each other).  I had to set up IPSEC GRE VPN tunnels between the two locations so I could access the network; overall, having real equipment helps solidify the understanding :-)


Anyhoo, this first of 4 videos (to include a bonus vid) shows the initial topology and configuration of the devices I used throughout this brief series. The Straight Talk Wireless Gateway is the single best home lab device I can think of for voice engineers in training and out in the field.  Configuration doesn't take long at all; additionally, you can configure voice translation rules to be used with this gateway (I'll demonstrate how to configure that as well).


As always, I can't stress enough that no one should be going into a testing room utilizing "memorized knowledge" without "practical "hands-on" time with the physical devices of our craft.  Should that "not" be possible, virtual machines are more than acceptable until access to hardware becomes available.


Let me know if anyone has any issues accessing the video(s).