Video1 - Creating C.U.B.E. Topology


It's that time again to get certified and like many other instances, I'm sharing my experiences by logging my vides to the learning website.  :-)  As always, I'm a life long learner, so I hope what I share is of use to others while at the same time allowing others to help me should there be something I'm missing.


This first video is just an intro showing how I set up my virtual lab area in GNS3 to support a C.U.B.E. environment. Fyi, I can connect this virtual environment to my physical gear and surf the internet from virtual machines depending upon where/how I connect them  :-)


To expedite things, I cut & pasted some commands into notepad (I'll share that information shortly thereafter).


As has become customary, please let me know if this information is of any use to you all...