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    Cisco Meraki Access point Trunk port to cisco L3 switch help


      hi guys


      Need help with cisco meraki access point setup please. We have servers and clients Vlan in two different vlans example Servers on Vlan 400 and Clients on vlan 100, Staff vlan 200. now we got meraki access point so what i wanted to do is to allow meraki to get ip address from the server vlans 400 for the staff ssid. and client can use nat on meraki to get their ip address from meraki cloud. My problem is the trunk between cisco swith and meraki if i change it to trunk port and allow all vlans on its not getting an ip address from DHCP server but if i change it to Access port its getting and ip address from DHCP server. But then only the Staff ssid  can go to the internet. Anyone else had this problem before ? please help