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    300-206 study book


      Hi all,

      i'm new user and i'm trying to get CCNP-SEC certification.

      I've already passed SISAS exam and i would like to study for SNESS

      I've just learned that books for 300-206, 207, and 209 don't exist and i wonder how it's possible.


      How people can prepare those exams without official books?

      Unfortunatley I can't study whatching videos or using e-learning....so i have no other options.

      can someone suggest me a different resorce or a book that i could use?


      many thx

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          Rigo - Community Moderator

          Hi Dikkia,


          To help prepare for the CCNP Security exams, there are authorized training courses available through Cisco Learning Partners. In addition, you can access some additional resources by clicking on any of the exam Study Material pages as well. Please see - Security (CCNP Security)


          We also encourage you to check out the CCNP Security Tech Seminars and CCNP Security Training Videos as well. Good luck on your studies and preparation!




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            Hi Rigo,

            many thx for your kind reply.

            Unfortunately this is not what I ( or a user )  would  expect to hear.

            In my opinion, is not possible to compare official training courses with the official book...first of all because the cost.( 2k/3k euros approx versus 50/60 euros).

            A book can read any moment in any place...a course not.

            For sure courses have some advantages (this is obvius) but for people who perform serlf study (like me) and don't have a "free" week for attend, the course is too expensive and require too much time.

            Seminaries and online materials are dispersives. In my opinion is not possible to download (and check) every link you provided with the possibility to miss some (and therefore to miss the exam).


            i really don't understand how it's possible that Cisco started with those new exams ( now 1 or 2 years are gone now and nothing has changed ) without providing the official  material to pass them. They just say: " check in internet and probably you'll find the info ( all the info?) you need"


            In my opinion Cisco made also a big mess with the 300-208 exam (SISAS). They published the official book talking about  ISE 1.2 but the exam IS on ISE 2.0 with some questions on ISE 1.3

            How it's possible to study this way and hope to pass the exam? To be honest, i passed it just because i used the "common sense" when i found those questions but, for some of them, is just not possible to use it.

            If they ask you where to find that particular feature, the "common sense" can't help you in any way....so  just  3 possibilitiesremain:

            1) you know the answer..so no problem at all

            2) you don't know the answer...so you miss the exam

            3) you hope in your good star and put a flag on one of the answers hoping is the correct one...

            Is this the right way to pubish exams? i think not


            btw...sorry for this long personal outlet....for sure i have nothing against you...but...where to talk about my frustation if not on the Cisco forum?

            again many thx for your kind reply.

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              Rigo - Community Moderator

              Hi Dikkia,


              Thank you very much for your response and feedback. We definitely understand the concerns regarding the availability of the CCNP Security Official Cert Guides and we would also like to encourage you to contact Cisco Press to submit your feedback, concerns and/or questions regarding release dates. The Official Cert Guides are not directly published by Cisco but by Pearson Education, who owns Cisco Press. Please visit - Cisco Press Customer Service




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                i'll contact them  as suggested.

                many thx,

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                  Dikkia,  were you able to find anything out ?


                  I'm in the same boat as you.


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                    Here is the unacceptable response from Cisco Press.  This is truly disappointing.



                    We will not be publishing any of these guides.  For any resource/study materials on these topics you will need to go to www.cisco.com.

                    Thank you,


                    Vanessa Evans


                    Pearson Education


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                      With all seriousness,

                      I am shocked that there is still not an available Official Cert Guide for this Exam.


                      On a lighter note, here is an excerpt from a slide from Cisco Live! 2015 (San Diego):



                      Kind Regards, F