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    Comments about the CCIE Written test




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          Darby Weaver CCNP/CCDP

          I disagree.


          The fact is this is how the CCIE Written Exams have always been for each track.. They test the Fundamentals of each track.  Period.


          The test are rigorous.  True.


          On the flip side - I still don't quite understand how it is so many have down played the exams for so many years...  Really?


          They are not easy and in my experience tend to mirror the lab quite well...


          I've heard the term "THEORY EXAM" and that's not quite true....  Unless whatever you do at the prompt is "THEORY" and it is not.


          Sorry, Keep it till we decide the re-cert for CCIE's becomes a practical exam...


          Why not... 3 Hour Practical equal to a Hands-On Interview....


          That would be fair and Pearson Professional Centers are everywhere...


          Why not?


          Don't cry... dry that eye...  taking a supposedly easier Written Exam...  Is that the spirit of a CCIE?  Shouldn't be.


          Darby Weaver



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            You are right about one aspect that I did not realize till recently.

            I believed that the written test is a theory exam. The fact is that it is not, it seems to have a lot of configuration questions, but it is just not practical.

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              Darby Weaver CCNP/CCDP

              Mostly all questions are practical in fact of the entire 100 usually. 


              Recall I've take a whole lot these Written Exams over 15 years and even helped write questions by now.


              I have also taken a lot of CCIE Labs and I can say that preparing for a CCIE Wrotten Exam is challenging and in no way should they be confused with being "Theory". 


              Darby Weaver 



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                Guys, the CCIE program is not one of the best, it is the BEST certification in the market today. Cisco has made every effort to ensure the integrity of the exam whether it’s for the written or the lab portion of the cert.
                In the past many students, or should I say, many CCIEs, resorted to the brain dumps to recertify their number. As we all know that many people these days have failed the written as a result, and thank God that most of these brain dumpsites are no longer there.
                Tom and Ethan you guys are VERY honest and I know that because you were my students. In order to pass the written exam you have to read and totally understand the books that are recommended on Cisco’s website for this certification. Reading one book is not going to be enough to pass this test or any Cisco test.
                You need to go to Cisco’s website and read ALL the recommended books.
                If you read one book and pass any Cisco test, you know that the book was covering the actual exam questions which means that you were cheating and you have not learned anything. The idea of recertification is to keep up to date with technology, specifically Cisco’s implementation of that technology.
                Let me tell you a secret, I study EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, whether I am teaching or not. I constantly lab and read almost every book that hits the market for R&S.

                We are going to have a written boot camp and it will focus on the written test, which is the sum of all the books that Cisco has mentioned on their website. The class you took was for the lab portion of the certification and not the written.




                Narbik Kocharians
                CCSI#30832, CCIE# 12410 (R&S, SP, Security)
                Sr. Technical Instructor, and a Cisco Press Author

                A Cisco Learning Partner

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                  Darby Weaver CCNP/CCDP



                  I'd hope no feels offended although the Party asked a directed question and did not quite receive a direct aanswer. 


                  The question of the CCIE Written exams is interesting.  These same exams have

                  served the purpose for some 20 plus years

                  now and have changed so many times to kewl pace with changing conditions and technologies. 


                  The interesting thing is that Cisco and Vue have finally countered the cheating curb and their legions and now people are collectively using Social Media to beat the exams - that are essentially built and developed on the technologies that the people complaining are actually complaining about.


                  I find that intriguing. Not argumentive - intriguing and very revealing.


                  CCIE's are allowed to sort of "retire" and I expect many have.


                  Any exam provider is tasked with how to handle renewals and recerts, no doubt.


                  I challenge the concept  of changing the exams when Cisco and Vue have actually gotten to equivalent of cutting the head of the Hydra. 


                  Have sales declined?


                  Are the people complaining even a part of the client base themselves?


                  Have SME's reviewed the concerns with individual questions? Or not.


                  Why throw the baby out with the bath water?


                  I suppose we can take this question to the forums and see how it really plays out... 


                  It may be worth it versus the opinion of sycophants from Twitter. 


                  Letting a few dozen people who opine against Cisco drive initiatives with Cisco's highest certifications may not be profitable.


                  Perhaps others think differently?


                  I'd suppose we should see.

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                    I wanted Cisco to do the following, but I guess it didn't work that way:


                    Replace the 4 to X number of 3560 switches with Two 6500s in the core, couple of 4500s in the distribution and three to four 3750 stackable switches in the access layer.

                    I think the emulated environment is cool for the routers but we still need the real switches since they can not be emulated as of now.


                    I wanted the blueprint for the written exam to be identical to the lab exam nothing more nothing less.

                    I wanted the language to be easy to understand, but the tasks to be VERY hard. I am even willing to write some labs for the lab and the TS portion.

                    I wanted the routing and switching part to be VERY complex with tough tough questions for the configuration and the troubleshooting part.


                    The instructors MUST take the lab every four years to retain their CCSI status.

                    The students should also take the lab every four years for recertification instead of taking the written.

                    I like Cisco to do what VMware is doing, in order to take the exam you MUST take an authorized class, this way all the grey market providers that cheat will go out of business.


                    But, I guess this time I had no luck, may be next time.



                    Narbik Kocharians
                    CCSI#30832, CCIE# 12410 (R&S, SP, Security)
                    Sr. Technical Instructor, and a Cisco Press Author

                    A Cisco Learning Partner

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                      Darby Weaver CCNP/CCDP

                      I spent a lot of time trying to emulate the labs - various labs over the years. 


                      Now I am emulating the networks I have encountered in the wild. 


                      The truth is more people approach me for what I have done at work

                      rather than what I have passed from any test except for a couple of corner cases.


                      The 6500 Core with Services Modules is prevalent and what keeps Cisco where it is in the market.


                      Tthe newer Nexus and Virtualization initiatives open Cisco up to what I call apples to  competition by the layman and without a skilled Cisco Engineer those test of the wallet are won by the cheaper solution - usually not Cisco.


                      Open Source and SDN have opened Cisco up to other teams in organizations who have no reason or desire to learn why Cisco is a superior decision. 


                      The focus groups I've seen are more often vendor neutral or sometimes opposed to Cisco or so it seems to me.


                      Why let anti-Cisco folks tell Cisconor strongly advise where to go with technology?


                      Seems obvious to me but perhaps not all minds think a like.


                      CIsco used to have a cert called a Sustaining Engineer much like the CCIE it has a mythical lab - never knew anyone who claimed to pass it though. 


                      What happened to that?


                      I like the Cat 6k and 4500's with Stacks - that's what we see in the field.


                      All I know is that my little CCNP trumps the salary survey for the CCIE and we should all be concerned how that is exactly? 


                      If CCIE's are having trouble with the CCIE Written but CCNP's are not... 


                      Then there is a problem - the Cisco Academy and the CCNP Trainers are doing something special and the existing CCIE's who are having difficulty may need to step back a notch and go back to Narbik's class again.



                      It covers enough of the CCIE Written for most people to pass easy enough.


                      Why not?


                      Darby Weaver 



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                        Darby Weaver CCNP/CCDP



                        Your queries are valid.  And your queries are interesting. 


                        Not what some want to  but straight up and direct.


                        That approach doesn't appeal to everyone.




                        Darby Weaver 



                        • 9. Re: Comments about the CCIE Written test

                          Just to make the things clear, I have been accused that I am trying to make look bad the very certification that I am trying to pass.

                          When you are faced with that type of logic you have to control expressing your opinions

                          In general if you are misunderstood that can hurt some people so ....that was it, let's keep it technical.