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    Certificate Recertification on Expiry Date


      Hi All,


      Apologies - I know this conversation has been had a couple of times before, though I want to get some clarification as there is conflicting information.

      My Cisco certificates expire on a Monday, with no testing centers available on a Sunday. I'm wondering if I can take this on the Monday, which is the expiry date.

      The following link states "In order to recertify, exam requirements must be met prior to the certification expiration date"

      Certifications - Training & Certifications - Cisco


      A couple of conversations on the topic suggest re certifying on the day is okay (the last post on this is about 2015)





      Is this something that has changed in the last year or is the ability to take the test on the expiry date still valid? Any reference material that supports this would be helpful.





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