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    802.1ad Supported on VIRL? (QinQ)

    alejo-VIRL Support

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      Original user: csplau


      Hi there,

      I am trying to have the following topology to test on the 802.1ad feature:

      CE <> PE <> P <> PE <> CE

      Using IOS XRv for PE and P and IOSv for CEs

      Can I know if the following features are support on XRv?

       on PE:
      Interface g0/0/0/3
      mtu 9000
      no shut
      interface G0/0/0/3.500
      vrf A
      ipv4 address
      encap dot1ad 33 dot1q 500
      on CE
      int g0/1
      mtu 1800
      no shut
      int g0/1.500
      encap dot1q 500
      ip address


      But, CE was unable to ping PE ip address. I am wondering if 802.1ad feature supported?


      Chris Lau




      Responded by user: seawanderer


      I tried a month ago (with the penultimate ios version) and it didn't work. I got an error on the cli as well.