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    CCNA SP Exams - Info needed


      Hi Forum,


      I was wondering if someone recently passed the CCNA SP Exams and maybe he can share with us his experience as training material, exams question (are they in-line with cisco exam topics?), etc.



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          Federico, if you are in this group, I presume you've had a look here? SPNGN2

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            Hi Sergey,


            Maybe my question has not been clear. What I'm looking for is for someone that can share is personal experience through his CCNA SP studying. For example how was his preparation to the exam, how he found the exam, etc etc

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              Well, I have attempted both SPNGN1 and SPNGN2 exams. Passed the first one and failed the second one. I've used CBT Nuggets video courses for both exams and also IOS XR Fundamentals book. Also, went through the blueprints and tried to find the info on each topic not covered in the previous sources. Unfortunately I failed on "platform types" topic, because it is very vaguely detailed on the blueprint. Had lots of questions as to which platform is suitable for which scenario and a lot of questions about how to work with IOS packages in IOS XE and IOS XR. Also, Raymond as far as I know is seriously preparing for SPNGN2 now, so might give you some advice on that.

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                Hello Sergey, thanks ever so much for sharing your experience on the exam. I went through it and found a very similar scenario. There are a lot of questions on product placement and ios xe and xr installation and packages. Im glad to say i concentrated solely for the most part on those two areas yesterday and that I am greatful and thankful to God that i passed SPNGN2 today.




                CCNA SP certified dude

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                  Congratulations on your pass!

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                    congrats Hassan


                    I have my SPNGN2 exam schedule in 2 weeks although at this point, i think im going to have to move it back. I lost 2 weeks worth of study due to some stuff i had going on recently. As for my experience with the SPNGN1 exam, i went through the guide that i found on this forum that someone was kind enough to put together for SPNGN1, i used CBTNuggets and the ICND1 and 2 books, along with IOS-XR fundamentals. The exam wasn't too bad, as with any Cisco exam though some of the questions are worded in such a way that you start scratching your head but like always process of elimination generally rules out most of the answers.


                    As for SPNGN2, i put together a study guide myself which you can find in the link that Sergey kindly posted above. Its not complete yet, but its almost there. It will at least give a good idea of where you need to study. From the sounds of it though, there needs to be a lot of focus on IOS-XE/XR software and model placement. In saying that, it is 32% of the topic base so probably should be the main focus.



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                      Good day Team

                      I hope i have joined the Right Group.I'm preparing for the CCNA Service Provider.

                      For those who have write ir.kindly share with me you Experience,I'm using Jeremy CBT Nuggets with some Books.my Questions are as below:

                      1.How Many Labs where you have to Configure(Simulator)

                      2.Passing Rate

                      3.What is the Best Way to Study.

                      4.Where can one get the Labs to practice since the XR IOS are never easy to find.

                      Looking forward to you comments.

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                        Hey Jean,


                        I used the CBT nuggets, IOS-XR fundamentals book, a lot of Cisco website (reading through protocols and how to config them), other websites that explain topics and protocols, Cisco Webinar transcripts/presentantions/pdfs, also this thread SPNGN2 helped me to identify some topics I had not checked before, Raymond and I have shared study notes that may help. In another post someone attached the SPNGN1 study notes they made, search for it.


                        1. I can't remember labs in SPNGN1 or SPNGN2.

                        2. I passed SPNGN1 first take, SPNGN2 second time.

                        3. There are lots of ways to study, CBT in their website lay out a study plan, it may work for you. Youtube has lots of videos that suggest how to study for Cisco exams.

                        4. I created the labs myself depending on the protocol, sometimes I just reused lab topologies from videos I saw or from topologies found in books, GNS3Vault also has lots of labs that you can use, otherwise I just created my own just to test the configs and see the show commands and how it looks when links go down, etc. the IOS-XR demo image can be found here: https://upload.cisco.com/cgi-bin/swc/fileexg/main.cgi?CONTYPES=Cisco-IOS-XRv you can follow this video on how to install the image in GNS3 Running IOS XRv in GNS3 - YouTube I personally used QEMU.


                        Good luck!

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                          Good day Pablo

                          Many thanks for you experience you have shared with me.but i tried to login in that URL you sent is asking me user name and password and it  failing.So are you saying that there no Lab i will have to configure in my CCNA SP only during my CCNP SP.

                          I'm busy preparing my CCNA SP using CBT Nugget and other Tools.when last did you Write you CCNA SP first Exam

                          Please you don't mind assist me in setting up my Little Lab where i can practice

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                            do you think that for the theory are both the CCNA R&S book and CBT Nuggets enough?

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                              Hi Marco


                              For CCNA SP, definitely not. that would be acceptable for CCNA R&S but definitely not SP. There is far more info required for the SP exam.



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                                Thanks Raymond, not even for the first part?


                                Also, are there sims during the two exams?

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                                  Hi Macro


                                  no not even for the first part. If you have a look at the blueprint and compare CCNA and CCNA SP they are different. there are a couple of community written study guides that can help with what to study but for a bare minimum, i would recommend the CCNA RS books, plus IOS-XR fundamentals at least for the first part. but even then im not sure if thats enough.


                                  I can't remember the exam to well but i believe there were some but its best to prepare for everything. the Cisco page for the exam will tell you what types of questions to expect.



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                                    Thanks Raymond.
                                    As a start I bought the book, I'll see how it goes and share my experience here.

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