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    Console Port missing (from context menu in VM Maestro)

    alejo-VIRL Support

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      I'm not sure what I changed but I no longer have the option to telnet/ssh to the console port. I included screenshots.

      What he heck did I do to break that?

      I have tried rebooting the VIRL server and my laptop.

      VM Maestro
      Version: 1.2.6
      Build ID: dev-393


      Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.01.57 AM.png



      This behavior was seen prior to VIRL 1.1.1 and then again briefly on initial launch of 1.1.1. The workaround remains the same...

      From CLI run the following command:

      sudo salt-call -l debug state.sls openstack.nova


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