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    Can someone answer some questions for a Uniersity student about this course?


      Hi everyone,


      So I'm going to be starting my final year at the University of Sheffield in September. My final year project is going to involve IoT technologies which I am very excited about. Hence why I am here. I heard about the IoT course that Cisco is offering.


      Now the confusing part.. How do I sign up for the course? Do I need to attend an actual site? Is the fee really £2000??


      To really make my FIP stand out, I was hoping to try and design it so that it can scale to industry.


      Any help on where I can gather some industry information relating to IoT would be much apprieciated.





      Computer Systems Engineering Student (With a Year in Industry)

      Currently on Placement Year

      Dept. Automatic Control and Systems Enigneering

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