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    BGP and MPLS Tasks in Troubleshooting Post-Webinar Discussion Thread

    Brett Lovins

      Please use this thread to continue the conversation after the live webinar on BGP and MPLS Tasks in Troubleshooting, Configuration and Diagnostic Lab Formats of CCIE RS v5 Exam as part of the Cisco Expert-Level Training for Routing and Switching webinars and recordings. The link to these recordings are here: CCIE R&S Tech Seminars


      Slides from today are attached to this discussion thread as well.


      The Cisco Learning Network Store offers CCIE Expert-Level Training for CCIE Routing and Switching products. Here's a link to the store's aisle page to have a look: CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 - Cisco Learning Network Store


      Additional information about these products can be found here on the Cisco Learning Network: Cisco Expert-Level Training for CCIE Routing and Switching


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      Feel free to ask more questions and provide feedback in the comments below.


      Thanks again everyone...



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