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    Cisco Vocher - Pearson VUE Specific Client Question


      Dear Community,


      I have problems making use of my CCNA Composite 640-802 exam voucher. Before I spend time on the phone - which is inherently annoying to me - I thought I would ask here first.


      When I try to apply my CCNA Voucher I am confronted with the following error:


      The order must have at least 1 item that qualifies for the voucher.
      Below is a list of items that do not qualify.


          Exam:  Exam 640-802 on Jan 7 at 3:00 PM
                      Reason:  This voucher can only be used when a specific
                      client question has been answered. [Name Surname] has not
                      answered this question correctly.



      I double-checked on my academy profile page and the voucher I applied for is the correct one for "CCNA Composite Voucher 640-802" and coincides with the the exam I am trying to book. I have written the Administrator (or Pearson VUE customer support) an e-mail already, but it has been 5 days already and no reply. Google was no help and neither was the Pearson VUE website.


      Did anyone else experience this particular problem and has a solution?


      Thank you in advance!