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    First attempt at 200-355 failed!


      So I just got back from the test center.  I fell about a 100 points short of the passing score.  This was after having spent 2 months studying for the exam day and night.  I studied the OCG front to back 3 times!, took notes equivalent of the entire text in the book, then studied the notes, purchased a new 2504 WLC and setup a virtual Cisco PI environment to practice hands on labs.  I was pretty confident when I showed up for the exam but was bewildered to find a lot of questions that had no mention of in the book at all!  So go ahead, spend more money and purchase more courses before you attempt the exam, that's the Cisco way anyways. Don't just rely on the OCG, (it's got a lot of errors anyways). If you are planning on doing this exam, make sure you study everything on the blueprint and then some.  I kinda learned my lesson the hard way.  However failure is only an opportunity....to have a drink, so I'm going to take a day off, spend much needed time with my kids, have my first beer in 2 months, sleep for 10 hours and then get back to studying again tomorrow.



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          I just wanted to post a quick tip about the Official Cert Guide from Cisco Press for CCNA Wireless 200-355.....and the tip is; Don't buy it!

          After having scored 740 out of 1000 (passing mark 860) on my 200-355 exam (as mentioned above) by solely studying the OCG, I decided to go ahead and actually follow the Cisco's recommended study path for this exam and bought a subscription to this entire course via Learning network.  I am already finding errors ranging from subtle typos to major conceptual mistakes in various items mentioned in OCG.


          As an example: On Page 433 Paragraph 2, OCG states there are 3 classes of Bluetooth, with Class 1 and 2 being the most common and class 3 being the least common one as it can operate up to 100 mW and is only used in industrial environments.  That is incorrect.  Class 1 infact is the one that can transmit up to 100 mW and Class 3 can only transmit up to 1 mW with 1 meter range.


          As mentioned in my previous post, I read this book back to back several times and studied it religiously for 2 months.

          On page 475, Chapter 21, paragraph 2, Author states, "Now that you have finished the bulk of this book, you could just register for your Cisco 200-355 WIFUND exam, show up and take the exam...". I don't want to bash the author, as I have read a lot of his other works, but this statement is misleading.  This book does NOT prepare you for everything that is on the exam.


          So my advice, if you have bought this book, thats ok.  Read it but do check your facts with other sources. If you have not bought it yet, do not buy it, instead register for the Cisco's online course Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals (WIFUND) v1.0 - The Cisco Learning Network and other recommended training sources by Cisco.

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            Thanks for the specifics.  I just bought the book about two months ago, but haven't read deeply into it yet.  I'll make sure to work towards fact checking the information.

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              Pete Nugent

              I can't comment on the OCG but any guide will have errors. It is important to get some hands on experience and as an engineer I always try to validate as far as is practical anything I read from alternate sources. Very often it makes more sense when you have done it and even the official documentation can be misleading.


              Al that aside it is difficult to get that experience and first step on the ladder but don't beat yourself up. You can see some areas where you can get a few more points and have another go.


              Failing a few exams on your career journey is pretty standard as it is after all a journey. Good luck with your next effort.

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                Gowthamraj F

                HI Rick


                sorry to hear that..


                best of luck for your next attempt...

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                  Hello Rick,

                  Thanks for your recommendation. The OCG is just subset of 200-355 Course Syllabus. Jeromy should be ashamed for his book "Official".

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                    Out of curiosity, what was missing from the OCG?

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                      Hello Tibo,

                      I think that no one can show you because of Cisco Exam Policy.

                      But if you try to find dump, they show you the missing.

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                        i meant, in which areas or topics you felt the OCG was too light to prepare properly for the actual exam? I really found that some topics were treated a bit too quickly like the mobility and roaming. The different AP modes for instance is treated on a single page. I obviously try to find some additional readings to counterbalance that but at the end I am wondering how far I need to go in each topic to be prepared enough for the CCNA exam (I could spend weeks on each topic to understand the ins and outs of each concept but at end I am just aiming at the CCNA for now...).

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                          Hi Tibo, without going into the details of the exam, just want to say that the exam seems to focus a lot deeper on most topics that the book ever did.  There were a few parts in the book where author stated the topic does not need too much studying or remembering because "you're just a ccna" - obviously not in that tone but you know what I mean.  But on the exam, those topics were discussed quite thoroughly.

                          Just like you said, just because a topic only covers a single paragraph or a page on the book, doesn't mean that's all you should read.  Do your homework and more research on all topics.

                          I just wish the author didn't say at the end, "Now you are ready for your exam...go do it!" as I mentioned above.  That mislead me and gave me a false sense of confidence.  I could've saved my money instead of paying for the exam twice.

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                            Hi Artorn,  David Hucaby authored the Official Cert Guide with a lot of contribution from Jerome Henry!  (I hope you are not mixing him up with Jeremy Cioara).

                            Either way,  I don't think it's OK to bash any one as they are all professionals and subject matter experts.  It's folks like them who lend us a hand and help us cross this river of knowledge to the other side where the grass is definitely greener!


                            Also want to add, I've watched Jerome Henry's video course (for the brief time that it was posted on YouTube before it got taken down) on 200-355 and found it very helpful in reinforcing and clarifying some of the topics that I was a bit confused on. He is a great teacher and a very professional gentleman.





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                              I would echo Ricky's comments.  I think the content provided by both David Hucaby and Jerome Henry is fantastic. The Cisco Live archive has a number of Jerome Henry sessions that are extremely good.



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                                Thanks Rick!, It's my fault. It's David not Jeromy. Actually, Yes I've seen some youtube of Jeromy 2 weeks ago. Very impressive!. The video shows more information than the book of David H.
                                I'm apologize for that.

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                                  I'm so sorry to hear that Rick! I have just received my CCNA Route Switch last week (200-120) and I was wondering if there are simulator questions on the200-355 CCNA Wireless exam. Those were always the hard ones for me to study and was just wondering if there are any simulator questions or if its all multiple choice? I've been studying CCNA wireless along side with my CCNA and have learned a lot, I was just wondering if you could give me an intel is all!


                                  Good luck on your next attempt!

                                  P.S. Jeromy is an awesome instructor !

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                                    David Sudjiman



                                    Add this to your library.


                                    CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator Official Deluxe Study Guide: Exam CWNA-106



                                    Listen to all Jerome Henry Video on Cisco Live

                                    Cisco Live sessions, videos and exhibitors from all global conferences


                                    All the best!




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