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      Hi All


      Can anyone recommend some books for the SPNGN2 part of the CCNA SP exam? or whitepapers/websites that would be useful as well?



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          Gowthamraj F
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            Thanks Gowthamraj, I just signed up to those, hopefully they will help.



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              Im going through the blue print and there are a couple of things i was wanting some help with


              1.0 IP NGN Architecture

              1.1 Identify the functional components required to meet a given network specification

              what exactly is this talking about?


              1.4 Describe service provider principal and reference NGN architecture

              where can i find info on this?


              3.2 Configure basic single area IS-IS routing on Cisco routers

              can anyone provide me with a good source of info on IS-IS


              3.9 Describe Carrier Grade NAT and NAT64

              Has anyone got a good source for this one?


              3.10 Describe MPLS functions in the SP IP NGN

              3.11 Configure LDP on Cisco routers

              Would MPLS Fundamentals be a good book for these two?


              4.0 Cisco Operating Systems and Platforms II

              4.1 Manage the IOS XR configurations and software packages

              IOS-XR Fundamentals?


              4.3 Describe Cisco SP router platforms, their operating system and placement in the SP IP NGN

              Can anyone provide a good source for this one too?




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                Sorry, was about to recommend you to the community guide only to realise the SPNGN part 2 section is nearly blank...for now i would agree with Gowthamraj. Just go through the nugggets. He usually follows the syllabus as well in the nuggets. As you go through the nuggest mark the topics that are done down and later on, research the topics he missed. For best outcome i would recommend you go through the videos and then research the topics on your own once you have an idea. I haven't finished SPNGN1 yet, so i havent researched the reading materials for SPNGN2 as of yet.

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                  Thanks Hassan


                  Theres very little on this exam i was quite urprised actually. There is a lot of recommendations for SPGNG1, I think for now, at least until someone can give me a bit better sources, i will just go through CBT Nuggets and as much of the blueprint as i can.



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                    Gowthamraj F

                    HI Raymond


                    check out below link for Cisco IOS -XR introduction


                    IOS XR Introduction - YouTube

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                      Thanks Gowthamraj, ive also read the IOS-XR fundamentals book as well but im always looking for more info on IOS-XR. I must admit, i've grown to really enjoy IOS-XR over IOS. Its so versatile and rebust and simple to work with.



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                        Woohoo...just passed SPNGN1 (well.....barely passed..with the 0 marks error margin...haha). So yeah, anyone know good resources for Transport and Network Management chapters on SPNGN1? Those are the chapters i did the worst on. Mostly that Transport networks chapter, i would prefer i go through them properly before I start SPNGN2.

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                          Congrats Hassan, thats great to hear. A pass is still a pass


                          To be honest, when it came to that section, i just googled for whitepapers and blog posts and watched youtube videos on each specific topic. This is honestly the hardest exam to find information on its really frustrating sometimes. In saying that, it does make a nice challenge



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                            Gowthamraj F

                            congrats Hassan

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                              Gowthamraj F

                              HI raymond


                              me too eager to workout on IOS-XR.


                              now you are preparing for SPNGN1?

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                                Yeah, the only bad thing is i don't have any real gear that runs IOS-XR and there is only so much that IOS-XRv can do.


                                I passed SPNGN1 last wednesday and am now working towards SPNGN2, how about your self?


                                Also, just an FYI for everyone, for IS-IS information, i have decided to use Routing TCP/IP Vol 1 SE as a source of information along with Google.



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                                  Thats a great book. Went through that and TCP/IP Vol II long ago...still have them apparently. That should cover the IGP and EGP protocols needed for SPNGN2. My concern is the info for all the other topics...seems will just have to go through google and cisco documentation as per the product documentation for the images. I have been going through the CBT nuggets. Great info but feels a bit summarised and outdated. Especially given my experience with SPNGN1 exam. You know what? Why not start a new guide or continue the old one for SPNGN2? We can drop in links or books with references as to where each topic and subtopic more specifically can be found?

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                                    Hassan that sounds like a great idea. There is such little information out there about the SPNGN certification and i would definitely like to help anyone i can. I feel the guide that already exists is reasonably well done but i don't think it goes quite into enough detail in some areas. I'd be happy to work with you and try and build a guide for the SPNGN2 exam, and anyone else who would like to contribute would be great.


                                    I agree the TCP/IP books are a great source of information, i haven't purchased Vol 2 yet as the second edition of Vol 2 comes out in a month so am waiting for that one. As you said, it will cover the routing protocol topics, but yes there is so much more to the SPNGN2, as i posted above, the blue print is so vague on some of it too so i makes it difficult but why not. Work together and try and put something up to help others.



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