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    OSPF Type 5 LSA filtering at ASBR


      I have been practicing filtering in OSPF and have encountered a question I can't seem to answer.


      We can filter LSA type 3 and type 5. This can be done at an ABR for type 3 LSAs into and out of an area. This is done via the area X filter-list prefix command. I've read that the same is true for filtering type 5 LSAs at an ASBR, using the same method. But this doesn't seem to work in GNS3. Say I have a network of in an EIGRP process that is configured on the ASBR. I want to filter the type 5 LSA for this network at the ASBR just like I did for the type 3 LSA at the ABR. I configured as follows:



      ip prefix-list filter deny

      ip prefix-list filter permit le 32


      router ospf 1

      area 0 filter-list prefix filter in


      My thinking is that I am filtering the network from going IN to area 0. When I apply this command, the type 5 LSA for this network still remains in the OSPF domain.


      The OCG mentions that type 5 LSAs can be filtered the same way that a type 3 is filtered. It then goes into detail on the configuration of a type 3 filter but not a type 5. How would we filter a type 5?