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    Is this about IoT ?


      What is certification all about ?

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          Hi Arul,

          The Cisco Internet of Everything (IoE) portfolio extends across many verticals: manufacturing, mining, utilities, oil and gas, transportation and connected city/transportation initiatives.To support these verticals, Cisco has an IoT product line consisting of route, switch, analytics, video surveillance, and security products.

          Cisco offers specialist and associate level industrial certifications that primarily center around those solutions within the manufacturing/industrial space. Having said that, the concepts are applicable to any control systems network. The first certification is the "Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist" (200-401 IMINS) exam, which is also a step towards the "Managing Industrial Networks for Manufacturing with Cisco Technologies" (200-601 IMINS2 ) exam. Passing the IMINS exam is not required if you already have a CCENT or a CCNA route/switch certification. It is my understanding that the IMINS exam is in place to primarily to allow entry for the operational technology folks into the CCNA Industrial certification path.

          I have added links to the aforementioned certifications for your convenience:


          Lastly, I recommend following the CCNA Industrial certification community, so that you can receive alerts once new content is added.