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    Failed CICD


      I recently failed the CICD. This test was pretty large in scope, basic voice to CME, CUCM, Unity Connection, IM and Presence, reporting, etc. It was pretty daunting the amount of different information that is required in the curriculum. Any tips/advice to study in the future if anyone is in the same boat? I've labbed up quite a bit and I have the official study guide. Is there a study group session or something that might help?

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          Nipun Singh Raghav CCIE# 51612



          Sorry to hear that. Can you share your score report so that we can see on what areas you got a low score ? And also how much exp you have with UC and related technologies ? What all you used for preparation ?




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            I am taking the same exam of Fri 8 Jan 2016

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              I failed the exam today with 736


              Describe the characteristics of a cisco Unified Communication solution : 78%

              Provision end users and associate devices:                                                 57%

              Configure voice messaging and presence                                                       77%

              Maintain Cisco Unified Communications system                                             40%

              Provide end user support                                                                                    71%


              Will retake the test on 14Jan 2016


              Anyone willing to assist or partner with me in this?????

              wont give up

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                Hello Taurai & Kristopher,

                Sorry to hear about the results.

                I have started preparing for the exam. Reading through the official guide, quite tedious but no other choice.

                How did you prepare for your exam, any tips would be useful. I am reading through the book and taking notes so that I can revise quickly. Were all the questions covered by official guide ?



                How did your second attempt go?


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                  Kay Berkel

                  Hi Taurai,


                  Please let us know if you took the CICD again yesterday and the results.





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                    Hi guys

                    I didn't retake the exam, thought i should give myself more time to prepare till end of this coming week.

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                      Indeed Mohammed the only option is to study hard the official guide, all the info is in there. The guide i am using does not have much on Cisco Jabber but that topic as much important ,if you come across it pls let me know.

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                        hi all,


                        I am also seeking any resources to pass this exam. Even CBT Nuggets for this exam is still in development stage. I tried to download pdf version of the "CICD 210-060 Official Cert Guide " , but I couldn't find it.


                        Could you please list down the resources you have used to study for the exam Eg: Study Guides , Lab Sims etc.



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                          Hello Harshaabba,,


                          I am reading the CICD 210-060 Official Cert Guide. Not sure if there are any PDF versions. I bought a hard copy on Amazon.


                          Hello Taurai,

                          I will let you know if I find any thing on Jabber.



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                            So I've taken the test more since then and I understand but completely don't like this test. I studied the official study guide, the old CCNA voice study guide and videos from CBT Nuggets and INE. I also labbed up CUCM, CUC, and IM&P and integrated the three. The questions on the exam are pretty heavily weighted toward troubleshooting and general administration. There are quite a few one off questions that ware not covered in detail in the study guide. I have failed this exam 3 times and keep getting more and more frustrated. I feel like the questions asked are very specific in nature and unless you specifically study them, there is no way you would know the answer. The only way I have been able to improve is to take the exam, fail, remember some of the topics that I had trouble with, look the topics up, retake and then repeat the process. My last attempt I failed by 12 points.

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                              I agree with you Kris, the only way out is to take the exam several times until you pass, am going to take it for the 3rd time tomorrow.....

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                                Hi Taurai,


                                Should I say congratulation ? Please share your experience it will helps the other a lot ? I want to do the exam also. Is there any exam dump or anything that might help to pass the exam ?

                                Thank you

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                                  I failed, got 808

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                                    I am using the 210-060 Official Certification Guide which i still feel is not good enough for the exam. Now all the bills i had set aside for Certification are finished, not giving up though.

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