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    Target reached: Got my CCNP!


      Hi all,


      Finally! Just a couple of hours ago I passed the ONT exam and with this I completed the CCNP requirements!! I need a couple of minutes to soack it in


      From the moment I started studying for CCNA until today it has been very rewarding and challenging personal experience that has helped gain valuable knowledge, get to know awesome people (personally and virtually), and get the job I always wanted (at least for now jeje).


      I started studying CCNA in a local Cisco Academy as a teenager and the day I got CCNA certified was one of the most important of my life. From that point on everything clicked. I started working in a local IT services company where I went from netadmin/IT security to project leader/IT consultant. Ironically I didn't worked as much as I wanted with Cisco, but got my hands on Juniper netscreen firewalls (jncia-fwv certified), windows/linux servers, perimeter security, wan optimization, and everything that any of our clients wanted to implement.


      Now I work in another great company, one of the biggest multinational SP. Im the engineer in charge of everything related to our IP/MPLS backbone. 5 1/2 years after hearing for the first time about something called TCP/IP I can say that I'm a CCNP, what an awesome feeling!! The downsize is as Socrates said: I know that I know nothing..


      My next goal is completing CCDP and CCIP. Next year I will start studying for CCIE R&S written exam. My plan is to take the remaining CCIP exams (MPLS, BGP, QOS) as I go throught that technologies while studying for CCIE (360 or IE?)..


      Finally, my recommendation for anyone thinking about it: GO FOR IT!!


      Best regards and good luck!



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