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    OSPF attempt state


      This state is only valid for manually configured neighbors in an NBMA environment

      can anyone explain the term manually configured nieghbor...???

      how neighbors are configured manually...??? means is there any other process to configure the neighbor manually...


      explain this??

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          The hello's sent over an NBMA network are unicast hello's unlike the broadcast or P2P network type  So when unicast hello's are being sent, the router needs to know the IP address of the other router. That's why you configure a neighbor statement in the NBMA environment, as opposed to broadcast or P2P, where the hello's are sent on to the multicast address and the neighbors are automatically discovered. The attempt state exists only on an NBMA. I think it's when a router has sent an hello to the unicast address of the IP address that has been configured manually with the OSPF neighbor statement, and waits for a hello from that router. If it doesn't receive a hello within the dead timer of 120 seconds, it goes into the down state.

          You can check this link for the configuration  Initial Configurations for OSPF over Non-Broadcast Links - Cisco

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            configured manually??

            how to configure manually ???

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              It's all detailed well in the link. Check it out.


              Initial Configurations for OSPF over Non-Broadcast Links - Cisco

              interface Loopback0

                ip address


                interface Serial2

                ip address

                encapsulation frame-relay

                 ip ospf priority 2

                no keepalive

                frame-relay map ip 16


                router ospf 1

                network area 0