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    EIGRP - default route in topology table but not in routing table


      We have a layer 3 network, with about 100 switches installed in a traditional access / distribution / core design.  We have redundancy at the distribution and core tiers as well as redundant ISPs.  We peer BPG with both ISPs and so we redistribute a default route from each router that is directly connected to the ISPs.  Under normal conditions, everything works fine.  On all switches 2 default routes get installed in the routing table and no issues persist.  About once a month, for reasons our team can't figure out, several switches have the default route removed from the routing table, but the routes are present in the EIGRP topology table.  It doesn't happen on all switches or all tiers.  We have a couple at the distribution tier (which impacts all access switches directly connected) and we have a few at the access tier that are impacted.    We have other static routes redistributed that remain in the table.  As far as we can tell, the only change in the routing table is the removal of the default route.  I am looking for suggestions on how to troubleshoot  this further.  When this happens, there are no routes stuck in active.