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    Smart City


      Dubai is implementing a SmartCity system in the future. This enlists great benefits while posing great threats as well.

      First of all, the Security that will be needed to prevent everyday hackers hacking into the Wifi systems of the government. Secondly, as the Smartcity includes installation of Electric and Water Authority Meters on an IP network, it poses great threats as to provide access to hackers into the system of the Dubai E and W authority.


      Third the traffic signals are a great threat. If the signals are in any way interrupted by an external source or in any way compromised, havoc will wreak, as Dubai's traffic runs on red and green signals, trusting the signals; they dont falter easily.


      Many other threats are there. Where there are benefits and comfort, there is prone to be danger and cost.


      Please share your thoughts!

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          In principle SmartCity should be what we all strive for, using technology where possible to make life less complicated and more accessible. I don't think your problems/issues are new and a well thought out plan, segregation of duty and defence in depth should meet your needs.


          Why would hacker hack you over any other government!!


          You mention WIFI for example. What would the purpose of this system be, who would it be exposed to and why?

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            well, I'm just raising my doubts, as previously hackers have targeted multiple projects both on a large and small scale.


            For example every Metro station is proposing free wifi and so are other hotspots to provide access to the public to the internet.

            This system is exposed to public and hence black hat hackers. They can potentially use it to gain access to the main server