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    Switching Based


      what type of data traffic includes BPDUs

      ANSWER:- Network management

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          Hi Loknadh,


          The short answer is spanning-tree protocol:


          Bridge Protocol Data Unit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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            Hi Loknadh,


            > what type of data traffic includes BPDUs - ANSWER:- Network management


            Yes, that's right.


            Network management by using the control plane (and not the management plane).


            Network management consists with control and management planes.


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              Hi Loknadh,


              Apologies if I misunderstood the question.


              Thanks Michel... Actually, Michel do you have a link to a graphic or article you could share?



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                Simon, here is a good place to start

                Control Plane vs. Data Plane

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                  Hi Kev,


                  Brrr...! It's probably a link to repulse people which want to understand something.


                  The control plane is for connectivities.


                  G.8081 (02/2012) "3.2.23 The control plane performs the call control and connection control functions. Through signalling, the control plane sets up and releases connections, and may restore a connection in case of a failure. The control plane also performs other functions in support of call and connection control, such as routing information dissemination".


                  The management plane is for the management functions.


                  G.8081 (02/2012) "3.2.44 : The management plane performs management functions for the transport plane, the control plane and the system as a whole. It also provides coordination between all the planes. The following management functional areas identified in [ITU-T M.3010] are performed in the management plane: performance management; fault management; configuration management; accounting management and security management”.


                  The user plane or transport plane is the functional plane used to transport data from a user to another user, or from a network to another network. In the last case, the user plane can carry data from a management plane or a control plane for the destination network.


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