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    Cisco Learning Network CCT... what does it include?




      I'm having a really hard time getting an answer to what I believe is a simple question. If I pay $299 for CCT certification course on the Cisco Learning Network, does that come with a voucher to actually take the exam after completing the course? Very important to me because that's the difference of the CCT costing $300, or $400+.


      Also, I'm still on the fence on whether I really want to put in the time to get my CCNA and take my career in that direction. I'm considering the CCT as a means to "get my feet wet" and figure out if it's a direction I seriously want to take. I already have 5 entry-level certifications, including Network+. I'm an on-site IT Tech for a hospital that does have to occasionally troubleshoot Cisco equipment, so it sounds like it's really geared toward people in my current position. Does getting the CCT for these reasons seem like a good idea to those who have gotten it?