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    CCNA Wireless Study Group Started

    Eric A. Nygren

      Hi Everyone,


      I know many of you ended up here because you are really interested in CCNA Wireless but that group did not exist. Because of your outcry I have volunteered to lead that group up as well so that it could get started and the discussions relating to CCNA Wireless would be left out of the CCNP Wireless Study Group. As such, anyone who would like to join there instead or in addition to here, come on over. https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/groups/ccna-wireless-study-group See you there (and here) soon,



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          I would like to propose a suggestion to the group.  When asking questions, title your post with the test you are studying for for example CUWSS: site survey tools or something to that affect to show what test is being referenced.  I think it may help in organizing efforts in the groups since there are 4 distict tests.


          Any thoughts?